Château Experience & Tours

Château de Résidence - XVllth & XVth Façades

Experience the fabulous regions of true French Wine & Castles. Stay in our authentic Château-de-Résidence as the Châtelain'valued guest. Just the way as it is meant to be, and has been for centuries.

The Châtelain welcomes you to this unique Château-de-Résidence and their regions full of cultural riches. We will make trips to selected places and visit their hosts. Enjoy the best Gastronomie & taste fine wines! This is the real experience where you are Guest of the Castle in a setting of a privileged group of Invitées.

Discover the bespoke and exclusive Château Experience in a real French Castle with classic or premium facilities for a week or long weekend. This will surely become a pleasant and lasting memory.

Exclusive Editions & Programs

We offer Château Experiences in a variety of editions and programs, to match your refined taste.

Our editions are composed of notable activities, refined gastronomy & haute-cuisine, fine wines and selected guests who are basically received on invite-only basis.